DGGRID was entirely written in C++ by Kevin Sahr with the following exceptions:

  • DGGRID uses a (slightly modified) version of Alan Murta’s General Polygon Clipping (GPC) library.
  • Lian Song wrote the original versions of some of the spherical trigonometry routines and the original implementation of the ISEA projection.
  • The gnomonic projection code is adapted from Gerald Evanden’s PROJ.4 library.
  • DGGRID uses George Marsaglia’s multiply-with-carry “Mother-of-all-RNGs” pseudo-random number generation function.
  • Jesse Williamson ported the code to gcc 4.x and added the KML output support.
  • The Fuller projection code was written in R by Denis White and then ported to C++ by James Scharmann.

The DGGRID specifications were developed by (in alphabetical order): A. Ross Kiester, Tony Olsen, Barbara Rosenbaum, Kevin Sahr, Ann Whelan, and Denis White.